Croke Park conference gives a boost to wellbeing

Croke Park conference gives a boost to wellbeing

AN INAUGURAL conference was held by the Wellbeing for Teachers and Learners (WLT) group in Croke Park last week.

St Mark’s primary school showcased their work on promoting wellbeing in their school at the conference, along with five other schools.


The WLT group, established in May 2016, is working to ensure that their efforts in the area of wellbeing have a positive impact on the whole school community—on teachers, students, parents/guardians and the wider community.

The WLT group’s objectives include: agreeing on a definition for the group, promoting this definition to stakeholders in Irish Education, and enhancing cooperation between member organisations, and between the Group and stakeholders, to support an enhanced and sustainable approach to wellbeing for all learners in the education system.

The conference’s goal was to help progress these objectives and begin rich and important conversations between stakeholders, and keeping wellbeing at the centre of their work.