Decisions still pending on Ballymount filling station

Decisions still pending on Ballymount filling station

By Maurice Garvey

ADDITIONAL information has been supplied to South Dublin County Council by Vecglen Ltd – in relation to the development of a proposed filling station at M50 Business Park.

Vecglen Ltd are seeking permission for a filling station at Ballymount Avenue, with four pump islands, a canopy, car wash, retail and café area, drive-thru restaurant, with 42 car parking spaces.

Ballymount Site 04 24 November 2016

Vecglen have submitted additional information on request from the council on a number of aspects, including electrical, engineer’s report, road plans, upgrade works to Ballymount Road, service plans, and autotrack vehicle plans.

According to the plans, the applicants have submitted a number of design changes from the original proposed development to primarily address the urban design/layout of roads and traffic concerns raised.

Key changes include the removal of HGV fueling and parking facilities, relocation of the petrol station closer to the street edge to provide for better frontage to Calmount Road, Ballymount Avenue and the access road to Fashion City.

Changes also include amended vehicle circulation internally with new spine road to accommodate HGV ‘service traffic’ required to facilitate the operation of the proposed facilities, and improved pedestrian access and provision of a tree avenue.

A decision on the proposed development has yet to be made by the council.

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