eBeauty: Grove brow tidy

eBeauty: Grove brow tidy

By Kaye Robinson Keeley

Kaye Robinson Keeley is A Yorkshire lass now happily married and living in Dublin. Having always had a passion for beauty and Art she enrolled in Barnsley college for 2 yrs to become a VTCT Nail Technician.

She is now 16yrs a nail professional, with her own business here in Dublin for the last 7 yrs. she provides all aspects of Nail technology for her home Salon and corporate salon clients. kaye is completing her independent teaching diploma and will be able to certify and pass on her knowledge and her passion for all things beauty very soon!

So we’re eight weeks into isolation which means we have eight weeks of unruly brows!

This treatment is the one my clients are missing the most so here’s my tips on tidying up the brows until we can return to the salon.

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Brow Tidy Top Tips:

1:            Pluck a couple of hairs and keep checking the shape in a mirror

2:            Use good, sharp tweezers

3:            Brow shape after a warm shower

4:            Use a room with good natural lighting

What you will need:

  • Tweezers
  • Spoolie (brow brush)
  • Small scissors
  • Lavender oil/baby oil
  • Cooling gel/aloe Vera
  • Brow Pencil/powder
  • Cotton pads

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Step 1: Cleanse

Cleanse and remove any make up residue. Wipe over using a cotton pad soaked in warm water this will help relax the skin and hair follicles. Pat dry to remove moisture or alternately perform the treatment after a warm shower.

Step 2: Measuring

This may sound tricky but it’s actually quite easy. Try not to skip this step as it will ensure the brows can be as symmetrical as possible until you can return to your brow technician.

Find the beginning of your brow by holding your pencil vertically at the middle of the nostril, then mark the spot with your pencil. Then, Pivot the pencil to the outside of your iris to find the arch, again, mark the spot. Swing the pencil until you get to the outer corner of your eye, Mark the spot.

Step 3: Trimming

Using your spoolie (brow brush) brush the brows in up and outwards in the direction of the natural growth to see where the stragglers lie, then using your scissors carefully trim away any length from the overgrown long hairs. Be careful and do not get scissor happy as this will result in gappy brows!

Step back and check in the mirror after each snip. Unless you have very heavy brows this step should only take a couple of snips.

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Step 4: Prep for Tweezing.

Massage a facial oil onto the brow bone. This step isn’t absolutely necessary but helps prevent hair from breaking and take the edge off skin sensitivity from tweezing.

Step 5: Tweezing

Make sure to hold the skin taut throughout this process, doing this will mean less tugging and pain.

Start beneath the arch to the tail of your brow beginning with the thick dark hair first, make sure you’re tweezing beneath the marked dots you applied in step 2 and tweezing in the direction of the hair growth.

Tweeze a couple of hairs at a time and step back to check in the mirror. Take away little at a time to prevent over tweezing.

Any hairs too small to grab let them grow in for a couple more days before tweezing. Refrain from digging in the tweezers as this can result in breaking the skin.

Step 6: Aftercare.

Sometimes after tweezing your skin can feel irritated. To prevent this happening apply a cooling gel or aloe Vera to the brow bone with a cotton pad.

Step 7: Brow make up.

If you have sparseness in your brow you can fake a fuller brow by using a brow pencil/powder. Which ever is your personal preference, just ensure it’s a shade to match your natural brow colour.

Fill in any sparse areas and comb through with a clear brow gel or clear mascara.

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