Echo Letters: The state has failed Tallaght

Echo Letters: The state has failed Tallaght

Dear Editor,
Prayer for Tallaght – “Lord, you have a plan for us. May we reflect your love by treating all communities/areas equally, that we all share caring for the disadvantaged of our society, and are messengers of justice, peace, dignity, courage, equality, and kindness, and that all decision-making is your plan based on these values”.

We profess to be a Christian society. I propose that this prayer becomes part of the Prayers of the Faithful in churches, especially in Tallaght.

Rovers Tallaght Stadium 3

I also suggest it should be in the offices of every decision-making government and local authority official.

People’s lives are affected by your decision-making. We do our best in making right decisions in our personal lives, but when absorbed in the system we can hide.

The committee will make the statement. No names published.

Tallaght was/is being decimated, and discriminated against in front of our very eyes. Too late we wonder why we have problems. They were created through imbalanced developments.

Stand outside Shamrock Rovers ground, and you will see it all round you. Life is about living in an environment to allow one develop their potential.

It is about community, and not been isolated as an “A. N. Other” in blocks of flats practically isolated from society itself, and more than likely living your life in a dependency culture depending on the state or charitable organisations to survive.

Of course there will always be a need for charity, and while many do good work in helping families there is also a responsibility to speak out on the causes.

This they do not do.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in an interview with John Bowman that was given the title in the media – “We Live in a New Era of Violence. Calling for a New Sense of National Purpose and National Idealism”.

He said: “the political splintering and fragmentation prevalent today was not the direction we should be moving in.”

The greatest challenger to the system, and injustice, was Jesus Christ himself, and is reflected right throughout the Gospels.

I wonder what his views would be if he stood outside Rovers ground, looked around and compared it to the rest of affluent South County Dublin. Parishes hold prayer groups, gospel readings to develop spirituality.

Spirituality is also our alertness to the injustice dominant in our area of Tallaght. Spirituality means we should not be blind to the massive discrimination in planning heaped on Tallaght.

Spirituality is equality, environment, and justice for all communities and areas, and that all can achieve their potential in life. Spirituality is speaking on the causes. It is putting prayer life into action.

It is welcome to see the Catholic Church In five parishes organising two days in the coming weekend to discuss the homeless and refugee problem.

While we are in an era of much Church criticism, mistakes well-documented, the work of religious visiting the sick, supporting families, and all the hidden work done in communities on a daily basis will never be acknowledged.

Yet, it cannot be silent out of a false respectability in speaking on the injustices and discrimination in Tallaght. The state failed Tallaght. What would Jesus Christ do?

He would certainly challenge the rotten system of discrimination towards our area. We are anything but an equal society due to bad planning, and Tallaght took the brunt.

A core message of our Christian faith is –sharing.

This should also apply to all areas and communities including affluent South County Dublin, Foxrock, Dalkey etc. in our responsibility to the disadvantaged of our society.

Homelessness, disadvantage, is a national problem, not only a Tallaght problem. The main cause of the problems in Tallaght, and society in general is imbalanced developments, the building of ghettos and communities of disadvantage.

It is as plain as the nose on one’s face. The facts are there. Is Minister Coveney’s solution to build more of this, and direct the homeless, and disadvantaged into certain areas as was done in the past? If so, he is creating a time bomb. 

The Echo published an artist’s drawings of the proposed developments in Cookstown that were refused.

These developments should never see the light of day.

It is Ballymun all over again, or equivalent to the ugly developments in East Berlin towering over West Berlin before the dividing wall was demolished.

These development must never be allowed even with tweaking. Establishment policy seems to be – anything goes for Tallaght.

Do we sit back and allow them to vandalise Tallaght even more.

The community never had any input. The greatest obstacle to progress in Tallaght has been the establishment. I bluntly challenge them on the discrimination of our area. We were treated disgracefully, and that’s the truth of it. Yes, truth, truth, and truth.

Tallaght never saw the light of day in justice, and equality. That’s what they did to us.

It is essential the PPN have the experience to understand the problems, address them, and are not be just names on a committee or managements cover.

It is too serious.

They must understand society, community, and the consequences of bad planning that is rife in so many parts of Tallaght.

They are dealing with serious moral issues.

To conclude – extract from prayer – “and that all decision-making is your plan based on these values”.

Your sincerely,
Aidan Thomas,Bancroft.

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