Fan-tastic Dub! Kathleen (just 103) expects to celebrate her birthday with the Sam Maguire Cup

Fan-tastic Dub! Kathleen (just 103) expects to celebrate her birthday with the Sam Maguire Cup

By Mary Dennehy

ONE of Dublin’s oldest fans will be decked out in blue this Sunday and hoping that her 103rd birthday won’t be all she’ll be celebrating this month – as she backs the capital to bring Sam Maguire home.

Originally from Clondalkin but living in Sally Park nursing home in Firhouse, Kathleen Fox spoke to The Echo only days before Dublin’s Sunday clash with Kerry in the Senior All-Ireland Final in Croke Park – during which her eyes will be firmly on Bernard Brogan and Jack McCaffrey to do their best for the county.

When asked for her prediction on what the final score would be on Sunday, Kathleen said: “Now, that’s a very silly question – nobody knows that!


“All I do know is that Dublin’s going to win and I’m looking forward to seeing them lift the Sam Maguire.” 
She added: “Bernard Brogan and Jack McCaffrey are my two favourite players and I expect them to play well on Sunday.

“In 2011 [when Dublin last won the Senior All-Ireland], Bernard’s father brought the Sam Maguire on a visit to the nursing home and I got my picture taken with the cup.”

She added: “I haven’t missed a game in years and while I’ve never made it to Croke Park, I watch every football and hurling match on the television. “I can’t wait for Sunday and I have my jersey washed and ready to go.” 

Kathleen will watch the game in the Sally Park nursing home on Sunday, and, due to her slightly ailing eyesight, the staff are on hand to keep her posted on the all-important scores.

Kathleen’s daughter Ann, who lives in Firhouse, has been going to GAA games for the past 45 years – and has her golden ticket for this Sunday’s final.

She told The Echo: “My dad went to every game when we were young and I guess he and my mam passed their love of the game onto me – and I in turn, alongside my husband Mícheál who is GAA mad, have passed it onto our three daughters.

“It’s a very important family tradition for us and my daughters, two of whom played with Thomas Davis, have travelled home from other country’s to be with us in Croke Park for Dublin games – with one of my daughters who is currently living in Cambodia managing to find a bar showing the game this Sunday.”

She added: “This Sunday is about families and tradition and county’s coming together to celebrate and the buzz and excitement of the games have definitely kept my mam going in her older age. She’ll be like a young one cheering for Dublin come Sunday.”

Kathleen will celebrate her 103rd birthday on September 27 with family and friends.

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