Fun-loving Peggy Nugent (51) described as an ‘angel on earth’
Peggy Nugent, with her dog Buster

Fun-loving Peggy Nugent (51) described as an ‘angel on earth’

PEGGY Nugent, who died suddenly last week at the age of 51, has been remembered as a fun-loving, laidback woman who was well-known in the community for working in Kingsbury Furniture in Tallaght for 27 years.

A life-long Tallaght resident, Peggy’s family were business owners in Tallaght Village where they ran Nugents’ wool shop and the petrol station, where the dancers’ statue now stands.

When Peggy was a child, she would often help out in the wool shop, and several years after her brothers Paul and David set up Kingsbury Furniture in 1991, she also helped out there too.

The shop was originally located at the former H Williams site in the village, before moving to its current premises in Abberley Square in 2006.

Peggy was a familiar face to many customers over her 27 years in the shop, and was popular with customers and staff alike.

Peggy’s husband, David Stears, told The Echo: “There were people who would’ve come into the shop over the past 27 years, who would only deal with Peg.

“If she was off that day, they’d come in the next day she was in. She loved her job, and she was so professional at it.”

At Peggy’s funeral Mass in St Mary’s Priory in Tallaght last Friday, Peggy, who lived in DeSelby with David, was described by her brother Paul as someone who “definitely worked to live and didn’t live to work”.

Her interests outside of work included travelling, which over the 17 years of their relationship saw Peggy and David travel all over the globe, and she was also involved in Thomas Davis GAA Club.

Describing what his wife was like, David said: “When we started going out, it was like I’d found my soulmate. We did everything together.  I was never as happy in my life as I was when I was with Peg.

“She was the most laidback person I’d ever met. The nickname I had for her was ‘one speed Peggsy’.”

“One of our neighbours sent me a text, and said that she was up until three in the morning chatting to her husband about Peg and they came to the conclusion that she was an angel on Earth.

“Anyone who knew her, knew what a big heart she had and what a big softie she was. Our dog, Buster, that we had for 14 years passed away eight weeks ago and she was heartbroken.”

Peggy passed away on the evening of Monday, March 22, after suffering a brain hemorrhage. Earlier that day, she had gone to Donabate with David as part of their ‘Monday club’ routine, where they would spend the day together every Monday in different places.

“On the day when she passed away, we went out to Donabate and we were walking on the beach and she smiled at me, as happy as ever,” he recalled.

“The one thing I am holding on to, is that we had the perfect day. I knew that she was happy and content right up to the last minute.”

David said he has been heartened by neighbours and friends telling him about the impact Peggy has had on them, and that it has provided him with some comfort as he grapples with the loss of Peggy.

“It’s a massive comfort,” said David. “It hurts, because it reminds you of what you’ve lost, but at the same time it’s quite moving, when you think about the impact she had. It’s bittersweet.”

In his eulogy at Peggy’s funeral, Peggy’s brother Paul said: “It will be so hard not to see her face in work or hear her ‘phone voice’ again.

“She was a great friend to staff and customers alike and such a huge part of Kingsbury.

“We have spent the best part of our working lives in that shop together and we will miss her terribly every day.

“We will make sure her memory will live on in all of us.”

Peggy’s funeral was held in St Mary’s Priory, Tallaght, on Friday, March 25, followed by cremation at Newlands Cross Crematorium.

Peggy, the loving wife of Dave, was predeceased by her brother Roy. She will be sadly missed by heartbroken family, husband, brothers Paul and David, sisters-in-law, nieces, nephews, relatives and friends.

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