Garda source says drug law is ‘weak and unworkable’
Fastgas canister

Garda source says drug law is ‘weak and unworkable’

THE current legislation with regard to Nitrous Oxide is “weak and unworkable” in order to mount prosecutions, according to a garda source in Clondalkin’s Drugs Unit.

Empty canisters of the ‘hippy gas’, are an all-too-common sight on the ground in recent years – either silver bullets or the larger bottles.

Youths inhale the gas to obtain a short high.

Cllr Francis Timmons (Ind) is tired of seeing them in Clondalkin, and got in touch with gardai to inquire what can be done, sending them a picture of a 615 grams canister of ‘Fastgas.’

“This product is openly sold on the open market for the purpose of cooking and use in the drinks industry,” said gardai in response to Cllr Timmons.

Gardai in Clondalkin’s Drugs Unit believe that the only offence that can be prosecuted with this product is the offence of ‘prohibition of sale’ under the Criminal Justice Act.

“The Act in itself is not designed for this drug and is mainly for dealing with designer drugs,” said the garda.

The best means to achieve a prosecution, would be the seizure of a number of cylinders, or evidence on the suspect’s phone of the sale of said product on the open market.

“This could also be achieved if the members witnesses a transaction taking place. This I believe would satisfy the requirement in the act that states knowing or being reckless as to whether that substance is being acquired or supplied for human consumption.”

The garda also notes that it would be quite easily to give an alibi of ‘I enjoy cooking on a large scale.’

“This I believe without any other evidence would deem a prosecution extremely hard. My view is that the legislation is quite weak and unworkable in this regard to deal with the epidemic proportions of abuse of the drug by minors in the local area.”

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