Hats off to Mary:  Ashwood residents celebrate with Easter bonnets

Hats off to Mary: Ashwood residents celebrate with Easter bonnets

By Liz Kennedy

Since things are very different for everyone this year, one very inventive lady, Mary Charchard Thunder from Ashwood decided to get creative on her Avenue.

She thought it would be fun to arrange an Easter bonnet competition for her neighbours! So she made up a leaflet and put one into all the houses.

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There were just two rules, the bonnet had to be home made and everyone had to keep there social distance!

It was a resounding success and these are just some of the pictures taken on the day.


By all accounts they had a great time. So congratulations to all who took part in the Avenue in Ashwood and hats off to Mary.

If you are planning an event on your street, or even in your own back yard, please share it with us by contacting: reception@echo.ie

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