Heart of Gold award shows off our young stars
Eve Lily Dardis with her parents Cori and Liza with Mayor Eamma Murphy

Heart of Gold award shows off our young stars

The Tallaght Person of the Year awards always draws out stories of community giving, commitments to improving things for the greater Tallaght community, as well as stories of innovation and bravery.

This is particularly obvious in the Heart of Gold category year on year. The Heart of Gold category places a positive focus on the younger members of the Tallaght community, the children under 18, who deserve recognition and appreciation.

Tallaght Community Council (TCC) honoured three boys and five girls in the Tallaght Person of the Year 2022 awards in The Maldron Hotel two weeks ago.

These boys and girls all have shown a wonderful mix of resilience, determination, kindness and understanding in large amounts. This award helps recognise them and encourages them to keep going. It is vital to praise the younger members of our community so they may become community leaders of tomorrow.

“The Heart of Gold category is always a very special part of the awards and ceremony. The children and young people are often the stars of the evening through their personal stories,” says Liz Kennedy, volunteer Chair of TCC.

Here is the 2022 Heart of Gold roll of honour:

Aaron and Alannah Brown are siblings from Newbawn.

They were recognised for being patient, kind to their younger brother Ashton, while being supportive and understanding to their parents. Their school Firhouse Community College, is very proud of them both.

Aaron and Alannah Brown

Ava Cahill, from Old Bawn, has shown tremendous bravery in the face of physical challenges and is a happy, bright and loving girl. She is a valued student in Scoil Maelruain.

Daniel Tighe, from Riverview, is a brave young man, who has found his own language and ways to communicate to his family.

He is a constant source of light, love and laughter to his loving family.

Jared McGuirk Dunwoody

Eabha Ryder, from Kingswood, is a very thoughtful girl who is understanding of the feelings of other children who lose their hair during medical treatment.

She grew her own hair and donated 14 inches to a charity that make wigs for children undergoing treatment.

Eve Lily Dardis was honoured for her special connection with her great-granny who has dementia. She shows real understanding and kindness to her, beyond her years.

They have a very special bond – plus lots of fun when together. Scoil Santain is very proud of its student, Eve Lily.

Ava Cahill,

Evie Purdy, from Aylesbury, shows tremendous bravery and courage daily. She has defied all medical odds to reach many milestones her parents were told she wouldn’t meet. She continues to inspire everyone around her.

Jared McGuirk Dunwoody, from Aylesbury, is a beacon of kindness, smiles and help to his family, schoolmates and neighbours. He overcomes communication barriers to engage with his neighbours and helps his older neighbours with heavy shopping and opening gates.

“This category is always a source of amazing and inspiring stories of just how powerfully strong some younger members of our community are.

Eabha Ryder

“The Hearts of Gold always showcase values as kindness, bravery, understanding and positivity. These children often have to navigate serious challenges, but dig deep, to show a resilience and power that is always inspirational. They are very valued members of our community and deserve the recognition the awards bring them.”

Tara De Buitlear, volunteer PRO with TCC, says: “The Hearts of Gold show the values every community needs to thrive. So the future is bright for Tallaght.”

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