Homesavers delighted with excellent start in Tallaght

Homesavers delighted with excellent start in Tallaght

By Maurice Garvey

MASSIVE interest in the opening of a new Homesavers store in Tallaght, has led the group to hire additional staff to cater for demand.

On May 23, Homesavers opened a store on Airton Road, with a video by The Echo for the new outlet reaching over 126,000 people.

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Managers Chris Sheehan and Ray Byrne at the opening in Tallaght on Thursday,  May 23

It is the latest in a fast moving expansion, which has seen the Irish owned company open numerous outlets, including Ballyfermot last November, in a bid to become a nationwide retailer.

On the back of opening 12 stores in the last eight months, the company plans to invest an additional €10m in opening more than 20 stores this year, trebling its workforce to 1,200.

“It has been an excellent start in Tallaght, we have grown our staff there from 40, up to 50,” said Tom Keogh group CEO Homesavers.

“To get a unit of that size is pretty difficult.

“We were looking for something bigger than Ballyfermot, to do what we want it to do.

“We are retailing in about 14/15k sq ft of space, the whole building is 20k sq ft, and looking at moving some more office staff for the group to Tallaght.”

Mr Keogh said the company have builders on site in Limerick, then it’s on to “Dundalk, Drogheda, Monaghan and nationwide”, while also looking at other sites in Dublin such as Finglas and Blachardstown.

The Homesavers brand sell a diverse range of goods, from affordable to high end, high quality products.

“It is not a single price retailers,” said Keogh.

“We have products from €2 to €4/500.

“The garden furniture section is particularly big in Tallaght and has been doing well.”

Homesavers opened late last year in Ballyfermot, leasing the use of the iconic Gala building, and have been trading well there by all accounts.

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