Jared brings joy with his Heart of Gold prize
Jared (right) with Lee Moroney

Jared brings joy with his Heart of Gold prize

NEIGHBOURS in one Tallaght estate gathered on Sunday to say thanks to a 13-year-old who makes his street a kinder and happier place to live.

Jared McGuirk Dunwoody was presented with a Certificate of Appreciation and a Heart of Gold trophy by his neighbours on Pineview Avenue in Aylesbury.

The presentation was made under Tallaght Community Council’s Our Heroes Your Choice awards, which encourages people to present a Certificate of Appreciation to their local hero.

Jared, who is non-verbal and mainly communicates through sign language, was recognised by his neighbours for his friendly and helpful nature.

Living on Pineview Avenue, Mary Butler, who is a voluntary member of TCC, said: “Jared is always smiling, and is friendly and always helps his neighbours, young and old.

(from left) Mary Butler, Lee Moroney (Tallaght Person of the Year), Jared McGuirk Dunwoody, Mary McGuirk, Ava Dunwoody and Lisa McGuirk

“He is always first to smile, greet his neighbours, offer to open your gate or carry shopping.

“He is a pleasure to have living on our street.”

Speaking with The Echo, Jared’s grandmother Mary McGuirk was overwhelmed by the presentation to her grandson, who is known on Pineview Avenue as the ‘King of the Road’.

Rita Cooper, Phyllis Cunningham, Jared McGuirk Dunwoody, Kay Morrin, and Sharon Dawson

“Jared is terrific, he’s very independent and he helps me around the house,” nana Mary said.

“Neighbours have said to me how he helps them out too and that his infectious smile would brighten up your day.

“He does have a heart of gold . . .  and I’m very, very proud of him.”

John, Siobhán and Imelda Smith

She added: “We’d like to thank Mary Butler and all of our neighbours.

“Like myself, Jared was overwhelmed on Sunday, we couldn’t believe it.

“He felt really good, he was on top of the world.

“Thank you to all of our neighbours who came out on the road and applauded, and who gave Jared cards and small gifts.

Jared (right) with Lee Moroney and Mary Butler

“There’s great community spirit on Pineview Avenue and we’re so happy that we can be part of it.”

Due to Covid-19, Tallaght Person of the Year has been cancelled again for 2021.

However, you can still recognise and say ‘thank you’ to the heroes in your community by posting or presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to an individual, group or business who makes a difference in your area.

Follow Tallaght Community Council on social media for further details or download a Certificate of Appreciation at https://www.echo.ie/certificateofappreciation-pdf/

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