Leak detection works to affect water supply

Leak detection works to affect water supply

LEAK detection works will affect water supply in Cushlawn Park and surrounding areas between 11pm this Thursday, December 2, and Friday morning, December 3.

Works are scheduled to take place from 11pm on Thursday until 6am on Friday.

According to Irish Water, during these hours, customers in the Cushlawn Park area will experience disruption to their supply, including low pressure and/or outages.

Irish Water has also advised that customers allow for two to three hours after estimated restoration for supply to fully return.

When contacted by The Echo, a spokesperson for Irish Water said: “Irish Water is continuing with efforts to drive down leakage across the general Dublin area and in partnership with South Dublin County council is progressing with leak detection works in the Cushlawn area of Tallaght to improve the security of supply and reduce leakage in the area.

“These works are being undertaken off road, therefore, there will be no major traffic management involved.

“To reduce the impact on customers, works will be carried out during night-time hours when water usage is at a minimum.”

Irish Water’s Leakage Reduction Production aims to fix or replace old, damaged pipes and remove any lead pipes from the public network.

According to Irish Water, the rate of leakage nationally is currently on course to be at 38 per cent by the close of 2021.

The Irish Water customer care helpline is open 24/7 on 1800 278 278 or make contact on Twitter @IWCare.

For updates on the leak detection works in Cushlawn Park visit the Water Supply Updates section on www.water.ie.

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