Local therapist utilises technology to counsel clients with issues

Local therapist utilises technology to counsel clients with issues

By Maurice Garvey 

THE power of technology can be a useful tool for therapy – with one intuitive healer utilising the platform of Skype to provide counselling for clients who may not be able to attend her clinic.

Marie Gillick, an intuitive healing therapist based in Firhouse, prefers the connection that one-on-one sessions provide, but says Skype can be an effective instrument.

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“If they can only do Skype, it is better than nothing, I recently had a Skype session with a client who was in Jordan,” said Marie, who has 20 years experience as an intuitive therapist.

With a BA in Psychotherapy, an advanced diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy and a diploma in NCP – neuro cognitive programming – Marie combines her skills “intuitively to meet the needs of each client.”

Marie said: “Everyone is different. It is nothing to do with background or education. When a person sits down in front of me, I tune in to find what’s important to them.

“I don’t like to say ‘negative thoughts’ due to the way that is presented in society. It is more like destructive attack thoughts. People are not negative, but they have negative thoughts, and may feel trapped.

“The support is there in Ireland, but the queue is long. I know a client whose doctor referred them to someone but it was a three-week waiting list. The resources aren’t there.”

Many of Marie’s clients seek help with issues such as depression, panic attacks, anxiety and phobias.

She says destructive thoughts for adults can be triggered in the subconscious, but people “have the ability to release that thought.”

Marie cites Albert Einstein who said ‘you cannot resolve the problem with the same mind that made it.’

She continued: “There is a way out of the pain someone is suffering at the moment. Many feel it is permanent. But it is something you can take control of through your own thinking.

“When people work through the darkest night, it is so empowering. Nothing can challenge you, you can change things around.”

The healing process might be different for all, but Marie says clients “will have the tools” and the “observer with you all the time.”

She cites St Francis of Assisi’s prayer – God grant me the serenity – as a powerful support if put into practice, otherwise “it’s just a useless prayer.”

Marie has many testimonies, volunteers with support group Parentline, and gives talks to schools and businesses.
To contact Marie, call 087 2990693 or email marieg.ps@gmail.com

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