Making It Happen at Local Enterprise Week
Laura Leonard (Senior Executive Officer, Econonmic Development), Justin Mulhern (Senior Enterprise Development Officer, LEO), Tom Rooney (Head of Enterprise, LEO), Jason Frehill (Director of Economic, Enterprise and Tourism Development) and Mayor Peter Kavanagh Photo by Ben Ryan

Making It Happen at Local Enterprise Week

LOCAL Enterprise Office South Dublin launched their ‘Local Enterprise Week 2022’, which will run from Monday, March 7 to Friday, March 11.

The week was launched this week in Think Big Space by the Mayor of South Dublin County, Councillor Peter Kavanagh.

The theme of this year’s Local Enterprise Week is ‘Making It Happen’ and is focused on helping businesses to look forward and future proof themselves for the years ahead. The full listings for the week have been announced with eighteen free events taking place online and in-person across South Dublin County.

Speaking at the launch of Local Enterprise Week 2022, Cllr Peter Kavanagh said: “Local Enterprise Week is the perfect opportunity for many businesses to dip into a specific area of interest and gather information on a topic that may be relevant to their business now or in the future.

“It also provides the perfect opportunity for someone who may be interested in starting a business to get an idea of some of the key areas of focus and how to take those first steps.”

Highlights of LEO South Dublin’s Local Enterprise Week will include a spotlight event title ‘Internationalising Your Business: Developing Export Opportunities in a Digital Age’, which offers insights into how entrepreneurs might map, research and plan engagement with export markets and scaling business growth.

For anyone thinking about starting their own business, there are opportunities to meet with entrepreneurs who have done just that who will share their experience.

One entrepreneur, Emma Hedderman from Stride Boot Wear, who previously spoke to The Echo about her experience with LEO commented: “From the moment I got in contact with LEO South Dublin and began my journey, they have supported me by encouraging me to believe in myself and develop a plan for my business.

“The financial grants I received, especially the salary support through the priming grant, gave me the time I needed to work full time to establish a strong base for my business. The LEO structure working at the grassroots is very important to building sustainable indigenous businesses.”

There are a number of events to support the futureproofing of business, including Going Green, Small Steps Big Impact; a Lean for Micro Information workshop and great networking opportunities with a Super Business-to-Business (B2B) event and a chance to join the Network of Enterprising Women in South Dublin (NEWS) and South Dublin Creative Enterprise Network.

Tom Rooney, Head of Enterprise at Local Enterprise Office South Dublin, said: “Earlier this year we announced the growth in new jobs that were created by the clients our Local Enterprise Office in South Dublin and indeed by all of the 31 LEOs around the country. Businesses have remained strong and have adapted, upskilled and have been highly innovative during this highly challenging period.

“As we look forward to a post-pandemic business environment and a return to greater certainty and stability our local businesses can plan for brighter days ahead and be certain that their Local Enterprise Office will be there to support the futureproofing of their business and guide them as they seek out and seize new opportunities in their marketplaces.”

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