Man who lost seven stone in weight is looking forward to getting married

Man who lost seven stone in weight is looking forward to getting married

By Aideen O'Flaherty

A CLONDALKIN man is looking ahead to marrying his fiancé this August, after losing seven stone and dropping from a 42-inch waist to a 32-inch waist, reports Aideen O’Flaherty.

Jay McEnroe (47) from Moorfield in Clondalkin had struggled with his weight for many years, but three years ago, when he was over 21 stone, he decided to tackle the problem head-on and started going to the gym and participating in a local weight loss group.

Jay collage 140219

Jay McEnroe before he lost the weight and with fiance Lorraine

Describing the moment when he realised he wanted to take action to lose weight, Jay said: “I couldn’t get out of the chair, because my knees were too bad.”

Jay then joined a gym, and after a year of working hard in the gym but only losing a stone, he then decided to join a local slimming group too and saw his ambition to lose weight become a reality.

“I can do things now that I hadn’t been able to do for years, like run for a bus or go properly up the stairs – it’s changed my life.

“I even look forward to shopping now, because the clothes in the shops actually fit me.”

While in the midst of his weight loss journey, Jay found love after meeting Tallaght woman Lorraine Cummins last year and they are planning to get married in August.

“I never thought I’d ever get married, or that I’d ever be in a relationship again,” said Jay, whose confidence has been bolstered since his weight loss.

“My life has completely turned around, I’m over the moon.”

Now Jay’s family has also come on board and are making healthier changes to their lifestyles, after being inspired by his weight loss.

Jay added: “It’s never too late to start losing weight, no matter what age you are.”

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