Marking 100 years of votes for women

Marking 100 years of votes for women

By Mary Dennehy

A MEMORIAL plaque to commemorate and recognise the courage and perseverance of local women suffragettes has been unveiled in Sean Walsh Park, Tallaght.

The plaque, unveiled by Mayor Mark Ward, is located at the Old Bawn Road entrance, and also marks ‘100 years of votes for women’.

Suffragettes plaque Sean Walsh Park 1

Mayor Mark Ward unveils the memorial plaque in Sean Walsh Park

Speaking at the event, Mayor Ward said: “Today we remember and celebrate the dedication and courage of the Irish suffragette movement, one hundred years ago.

“1918 was the first time Irish women were permitted by law to vote and stand in parliamentary elections.

“This change came about after many years of campaigning and action.

“I hope that this memorial will prompt passersby to stop, think of the past and acknowledge the courage and perseverance of local women suffragettes.”

In addition to the plaque, a flower bed has been planted in the colours of the suffragette movement with an ‘X’ sign centred in the middle of the flower bed, which signifies the election ballot paper citizens used to cast their vote.

The trees in the area have also been wrapped in colours to celebrate the event.

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