Matchstick Mini Book Series: Must read children’s books by author Edel Malone
Author Edel Malone

Matchstick Mini Book Series: Must read children’s books by author Edel Malone

Author, Edel Malone, has made it her goal in life to motivate and help children and adults live a better life through her fun and creative books, the Matchstick Mini book series.

The Tallaght native is a new author and only recently started promoting her books after losing her father to dementia.

She is a qualified life and business coach, as well as a fitness instructor, and it is her hope that these books will inspire healthy habits and creativity.

Each book promotes different topics in an interactive way in order to spark engaging and enjoyable conversations for developing minds.

Edel wrote this series in a way that all children can relate to, she uses the word “adult” instead of “mammy and daddy” because not all children have a mam or dad. This is an inclusive and insightful series that brings awareness to all family dynamics.

Not only do these books benefit the child, but they also benefit the adult by presenting a new way to communicate with the child.

These books bring up questions that allow for discussion in a fun and easy-going way.

The first seven Matchstick Mini books started out as just an idea for Edel’s nieces and nephews.

They were surrounded around manners, creativity, safety and good behavior. It was in creating these and sharing them that her nieces and nephews started to give her new ideas, and those seven books have now expanded to a total of fifty-two.

The Matchstick Mini books can be purchased online on Amazon.

Since starting these coaching books, Edel has also worked on other projects that can be found on Facebook. She has a book titled ‘A love is lost or is it’ which offers comfort to those grieving. As well as a book for teenagers titled ‘Twin choices’, inspired by the Irish comedy program ‘Damo and Ivor’. She used the twin concept to bring light to both the negative and positive choices we face in life.

Only at the beginning of her career, Edel Malone shows true promise, there’s no doubt she is one to keep an eye out for.