Mens shed find their new home

Mens shed find their new home

By Maurice Garvey

FOUR years after they began a quest to find a site location, Clondalkin Mens Shed have finally found a permanent home.

The site at Mayfield Court requires a new portacabin, which was formerly used by Presentation nun Sister Kathleen Barrett as an after school homework club.

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Clondalkin Men's Shed members Mick McCreeby, Tom Lennon, Frank Cousins and Sidney Boland

“It has all come as such a relief, we are thrilled,” said Frank Cousins, a Clondalkin Mens Shed member.

He said the move was timely as the lease on a temporary Boot Road premises, is up on April 1.

Sinn Fein Councillor Mark Ward arranged a number of meetings with the mens shed, Sister Kathleen and South Dublin County Council officials over the Mayfield site.

Cllr Ward said: “I am really pleased for the Clondalkin Mens Shed in finding a new home. I was at countless meetings where the issue of finding a home for this group was on the agenda. Other public representatives tried hard to get the mens shed into a vacant premises on Orchard Road. This proved to be very frustrating to all involved as there were legalities involved with this process.”

He continued: “The idea for the Mayfield site came about when I met Sister Kathleen Barrett, who ran an after school club from a portacabin in Mayfield for over 20 years and was retiring last year. She was concerned that the day house would be lost to the community once the club ceased. I thought this site would be a perfect match for the mens shed.”

“Due to some very hard work by council officials, Age Friendly Alliance has agreed to help Clondalkin Mens Shed purchase an appropriate sized portacabin. The funding amounts to €5,000. The councils housing department has agreed to arrange removing the blue portacabin onsite.”

Mr Cousins said recent events have led to them “falling behind on their work” but they hope to be up and running very soon.