New pay and display system launched across South Dublin County

New pay and display system launched across South Dublin County

By Mary Dennehy

CHANGES have this week been introduced for council-owned pay and display parking spaces across South Dublin County villages, which involves a ticket now being issued to cover drivers for the 30-minute free parking system.

For the past two years, motorists have been able to avail of 30 minutes free parking in all council pay and display spots across villages in Tallaght, Clondalkin, Lucan, Rathfarnham, Rathcoole, Templeogue and Palmerstown.

Parking meter Tallaght

This week, South Dublin County Council has made changes to its pay and display machines – which will issue a ticket to customers to secure their 30-minutes free parking.

As of September 6, all cars parked in a council spot must display a valid ticket, which will be issued by pressing the green button on the pay and display machines.

Anybody who wants to park for more than 30 minutes pays the relevant tariff, with the 30 minutes free parking being added to the expiry time of the ticket.

According to South Dublin County Council: “The 30 minutes free parking can only be availed of once a day and car registrations will be observed by the parking warden.

“Any motorists attempting to abuse the system by availing of the 30 minutes more than once a day will be subject to a fine.

“Our South Dublin Parking Services Wardens have been requested to place notices on all cars for the next few weeks to inform motorists of this change, and a bedding in time will be observed for customers to adjust to the change.”

Anybody with queries on the chance is invited to call the pay and display section of South Dublin County Council on 4149046 or speak with any warden on the street.

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