Over 3,600 tonnes of illegal waste removed in six months
litter dumped in the county has proven a huge issue. This photo of rubbish was taken at Whitestown Stream

Over 3,600 tonnes of illegal waste removed in six months

THERE were 121 fines issued and over 3,600 tonnes of litter and dumping removed by South Dublin County Council in a six-month period from July to December 2021.

The stark figures were revealed in South Dublin County Council’s Litter Management Plan, which aims to prevent and control litter through enforcement and regulation, communication, awareness and education.

In addition to this, there were 82 cases heard in the district court relating to litter and 919 litter cases closed in the six months. The council also carried out 220 inspections related to enforcement of Household and Commercial Waste Byelaws, and 211 inspections related to enforcement of producer responsibility legislation.

The Public Realm collected 244 tonnes of litter from street bins, 5575 tonnes from road sweeping/gullies and a total of 3687 tonnes of litter and illegal dumping.

As previously reported by The Echo, approximately €155,000 was spent by the local authority on waste removal for the Halloween period, including 332 tonnes of litter and waste removed prior and 267 tonnes removed afterwards.

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