Patient shows his appreciation to hospital staff by writing poem

Patient shows his appreciation to hospital staff by writing poem

By Aideen O'Flaherty

A PATIENT in Tallaght University Hospital’s (TUH) Ruttle Ward penned a poem in tribute to the hospital staff that have helped him during his two-month stay.

Thomas MacMahon (50), from Terenure, was admitted to the hospital two months ago to receive treatment for a respiratory illness.

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Tallaght University Hospital

As his condition has improved and he is preparing to return home in the coming weeks, Thomas, who is involved in a writers’ group, decided to express his gratitude for the staff through the medium of poetry.

“I just wanted to show my appreciation for the work they do here,” Thomas told The Echo.

“It’s nearly a vocation for them.”

Thomas said he was inspired by seeing the difference the care that patients received made, and how it helped his and other patients’ recovery.

Duty of Care
by Thomas MacMahon

The pale, the frail, the rickety and the unwashed,

Brightened, fortified, bolstered and cleaned,

Pride, dignity and strength restored,

Love and compassion is a tonic for the spirit.

Empathy, kindness, humanity and patience,

No postcodes or skin colour here,

A duty of care to the sick and confused,

Hospital a great leveler for all,

And where humanity shines through.

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