Plant a tree with SDCC and combat climate change

Plant a tree with SDCC and combat climate change

By Aisha Bolaji

SOUTH Dublin County Council has launched its 2016/17 Tree Planting programme, which started with the planting of a tree in Palmerstown.

South Dublin County Mayor, Guss O’Connell planted a tree at Culmore Road, Palmerstown, on November 29, to launch the programme.

Mayor of South Dublin County Cllr Guss OConnell Launches 201617 Tree Planting Programme 15 December 2016

The council has commenced the planting of 1,000 new street trees across the county as part of the programme for winter and spring.

The locations being prioritised for planting are areas where trees have been removed or where there is an identified need to increase the overall tree cover.

This is the basis of the principle of planting the ‘right tree in the right place’ and it will apply for all new and replacement tree planting.

Speaking at the launch the Mayor O’Connell said: “We all benefit from the pleasure and character that trees bring to our streets and residential areas.”

With the planting of the trees the council aim to provide positive environmental, climate, social, economic, health and wellbeing changes.

Teresa Walsh, Director of Environment, Water & Climate Change SDCC, said: “Trees not only contribute to our county’s character and appearance, but also help in combating climate change by capturing carbon dioxide and mitigating global warming.

“SDCC will continue to implement the 2015-2020 action plan for the council’s tree management policy ‘Living with Trees’ to ensure that we all benefit from the advantages of street trees in an urban environment.”

The benefits of trees growing in an urban environment are extensive, they buffer noise, offer shade, reduce water runoff, control erosion, and airborne pollution, thereby cleaning the air, and reducing asthma and other respiratory conditions.

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