Pretentious Mind: Debut single by 16-year-old Taylor D
Taylor D at the St. Patricks Day parade in Clondkin this year

Pretentious Mind: Debut single by 16-year-old Taylor D

Clondalkin’s Taylor D is only 16 years old, but her first song ‘Pretentious Mind’ is set to release on April 1, reports by Merle van Erve.

Pretentious Mind is a song that is loosely based on the music industry and how pretentious some people can be. According to Taylor, you can sometimes feel left outside or left behind.

“It’s a very competitive industry and for the most part people will support your journey. But you will always encounter someone that’s not so welcoming.’’ Said Taylor.

Despite how competitive this industry can be, Taylor wanted to give the tune a pop and happy vibe. She wanted that the song would be catchy and would stick in your mind.

Taylor was asked to perform at Clondalkin’s St. Patrick’s Day this year. According to the crowd her song was indeed catchy, as a lot of heads bopped and cheered along with the tune.

Inspiration for her songs, are taken from real life situations.

‘’Take for example my song ‘Winter Blues’. It was written on a miserable day last January during Lockdown.  The song thinks back on my childhood days of happiness.’’

During those Covid lockdowns, the Irish Youth Music Awards day held an online competition on their Instagram. Taylor won that.

She is honoured to be selected to represent Clondalkin this year. It is rumoured that the competition takes place at either the Aviva Stadium or Croke Park.

Wherever it takes place, Taylor is excited to experience either of these venues.

For the future, Taylor hopes to continue writing and growing as a musician.

‘’I’ve so much more to learn . School will always be my priority first , but music will always be my ambition.’’ Said Taylor.

‘Pretentious Mind’ will be available on all streaming platforms this April 1.

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