Scramblers and quad bikes can be lethal with an untrained rider

Scramblers and quad bikes can be lethal with an untrained rider

By Brendan Grehan

THE NOTICEABLE increase in the number of scramblers and quads being used in an inappropriate manner in urban areas has led to An Garda Síochána, South Dublin County Council, and Motorcycling Ireland launching an information campaign on the subject.

Unless the bike has been registered, taxed, insured and brought up to the correct standard it is illegal for it to be used on the public road. It is also illegal to use these bikes in public parks and open spaces.

Springfield dangerous quadbike 1blur 01 December 2016

The issue of the illegal use of quad and scrambler bikes was brought up at a recent Joint Policing Committee (JPC) meeting in SDCC and they agreed that it was imperative to educate parents and riders about using these vehicles responsibly.

Chair of the JPC, Cllr Deirdre O’Donovan told The Echo: “Scramblers and quad bikes are an issue that communities have been struggling with for a number of years. We need to educate parents of the dangers of their children using these bikes.

“We have had too many tragedies – parents need to be aware of the legal responsibilities, especially as we approach Christmas”

The campaign is requesting parents who are considering buying these bikes as a Christmas present for their child to make sure that they are informed as to the legal requirements around these bikes and the use of them.

Parents also need to ensure their child is wearing the right protection, is trained in how to handle the bike, and is responsible enough to only use it in suitable locations such as official race tracks or on private property if they have received permission from the landowner.

Stuart Edmonds, a member of motocross team Metcon CCR TM has represented Ireland multiple times in motocross and has regularly been coaching to improve their skillset and to increase their awareness of the safety requirements when riding quads and scramblers.

Stuart told The Echo: “Riders have to know the danger of these machines – the power they put out can be lethal. Getting the right equipment and wearing it correctly is the very first step, but having a trained person teach you the skills is vitally important.”

Gary Walsh, Road Safety Officer in SDCC, hopes that parents would realise the risks associated with these vehicles and that they would ensure their children got the appropriate training for using these vehicles.

He said: “The number of collisions associated with these vehicles is very concerning. Irresponsible rider-behaviour is prevalent across South Dublin with riders not using the right equipment or riding in the wrong environment.

“This behaviour needs to be stopped before more deaths are caused. These deaths are not accidents, they are caused by riders choosing to operate these vehicles irresponsibly.”

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