Smashing Times: Story of the hidden figures of Rathfarnham
Lisa Mc Loughlin Gnemmi in the Art of W_Rights by Smashing Times

Smashing Times: Story of the hidden figures of Rathfarnham

This Easter, Smashing Times and partners present an indoor and outdoor event that tells the story of the hidden figures of Rathfarnham through art and performances.

The event takes place to show that human rights are important, specifically focusing on Women’s rights this year.

Back in the days, there were a lot of women who stood up for their rights, but their stories often had “an invisibility cloak” covering them.

“A lot of women stood up for their rights. Their story can’t be hidden or denied, yet it feels like there is an invisibility cloak on their stories in history.

“Women have always been active, they’ve always stood out for the rights of others. In World War 2 for example. I think that this event is a brilliant way to show their stories,” said artistic director Mary Moynihan.

The event aims to tell stories through art, as the art they use is there to promote diversity.

This event takes place outdoors, which makes it a non-traditional art exhibition. Mary told The Echo that because of the Covid pandemic a lot of indoor art exhibitions had closed down.

The Art Council created work for outdoor settings, which is called ‘in the open’.

“Our work was easily adapted. The Rathfarnham Castle and Pearse Museum are beautiful buildings, with nice parks. We adapted our art into a form of a promenade walk through the stories. You’d have a guided promenade where you meet the people who were important to the community. People like the Pearse family,” said Mary.

The Pearse family always played an important role for their community. They were politicians and were very active in women’s rights, social change and education.

Before it was decided which characters would be shown, Smashing Times talked to 100 people. The stories they told, all had to do with people who care about the world. By making changes or inspiring other people to care.

These stories could be about old, historic figures, but also about grandparents that are inspiring.

Eventually all these 100 stories will be published in a book and online for people to read and to become inspired.

The event is a great way to explore art and historic figures in a physical way. According to Mary it is a fun, entertaining and different way of learning about important historical figures.

The event takes place at Easter weekend at the Pearse Museum and Rathfarnham Castle.

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