Special day for pupils celebrating Grandparents Day at St Thomas’
Harry and Senan celebrating Grandparents Day in St Thomas’

Special day for pupils celebrating Grandparents Day at St Thomas’

THERE was plenty of smiles at St Thomas’ SNS as grandparents gathered for a very special celebration, made all the more significant after nearly two years of restrictions.

Some 115 grandparents gathered at St Thomas’s SNS in Jobstown on Thursday, January 27, for refreshments and a small outdoor service of thanks to celebrate Grandparents’ Day.

The social distance event in the garden of St Thomas’ was the first community gathering at the senior national school in the past two years.

Speaking with The Echo, Principal John Rennick said that inviting grandparents back to the school was a very special and important moment for everyone.

“Historically Grandparents’ Day has always been a major day here at St Thomas’s,” Mr Rennick said.

“For the past two years a lot of grandparents have been kept away from all types of contact with grandchildren and their own children.

“We felt it was very apt to celebrate Grandparents’ Day for the first time in two years as restrictions are being lifted.

“We thought why not bring grandparents back into the school after such an absence.”

He added: “The day is a ‘thank you’ to grandparents for all of the support, love and advice they give to their grandchildren,” Mr Rennick said.

“It’s a thank you from St Thomas’ to grandparents… who play a huge role in their grandchildren’s lives.

“The kids also love bringing their grandparents in and showing them around… and introducing them to their teachers.

“The day was warm and happy, and it was very special to be able to gather as one again.”

Mr Rennick wished to thank Ms McKenna, Ms O’Leary, Ms Kinch and Mairead in the office for looking after event preparations.

He also thanked the entire school community, staff and pupils, for supporting the celebration, and making it a special and memorable day.

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