Summer Local – Mother and daughter pride themselves on their fresh homemade food at Val’s Kitchen
Valerie Kavanagh (Chef) and Rachel Moore (Owner)

Summer Local – Mother and daughter pride themselves on their fresh homemade food at Val’s Kitchen

COMPLETE with a quirky, yet homely aesthetic, Val’s Kitchen and Café is a home away from home which has something for everyone.

When one walks through the doors of the Cookstown Enterprise Park establishment, they are greeted with the warmth of mother and daughter tag team, Rachel Moore and Val Kavanagh.

Val has decades worth of experience in the food industry and alongside her daughter Rachel, they ran the popular D Cups Café out of Cookstown for several years.

After an opportunity arose to move around the corner, to a more prominent location, Val took a step back and semi-retired while Rachel established the new business.

In February 2021, Rachel launched Val’s Kitchen and Café in her mother’s honour, with Val remaining on the tools in the kitchen and her daughter managing the business.

The family run local business, with Rachel a native of Kingswood, has grown into a popular location for all occasions.

“We’re a family-run, real local café and kitchen, with everything made fresh on site,” Rachel tells The Echo.

“Our cakes fly out, we’ve our famous fish and chips on Wednesdays and Fridays, the Val sandwich and lasagne.

The homely aesthetic interior of Val’s Kitchen and Café

“We’ve the buster breakfast rolls, they fly out the door in the mornings as well and everything is made to order.

“We really pride ourselves on providing fresh homemade food and being a real local business, the banter is 90 in here most days.”

The buster breakfast rolls are served on crispy Vienna rolls, with spreadable pudding from FX Buckley, and free-range eggs all cooked fresh to order.

Walking through the doors of Val’s is an experience. There are mementos all over the walls that help create that homely vibe, and the interaction with Rachel and Val will keep people coming back time, and time again.

“We’ve the Marvel wall. My mam has collected pictures from all over,” Rachel says.

“You’ve the batman and superman picture which are old customers of ours. I used to write batman and superman on their coffee cups so they could tell whose was whose.

“Our fridge is full of magnets from all over the world – whenever a customer is heading away, we ask them to grab us a fridge magnet.

“There are mementos on all the walls, so there is something there for everyone.

“You can come here whether you’re having a business meeting or a hangover breakfast, it’s that type of café.”

A qualified barista, Rachel can also be flat out making a quality coffee for passers-by whether they are ordering a regular cup of joe or an iced coffee to enjoy in the sun on the benches outside.

Val’s Kitchen and Café is open Monday to Saturday, 7am to 3pm, and is located at Unit 13 in Cookstown Enterprise Park, adjacent to Aldi.

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