The Art of Science: Creations from a fusion of art and science
Karl Gaff

The Art of Science: Creations from a fusion of art and science

A Lucan scientist turned artist will show how even poisons such as cyanide can be transformed into outstanding artworks when he appears at a major exhibition.

With degrees in physics, life sciences and microscopy, Karl Gaff combines his love for science, nature and photography by creating photographic art from chemicals and collections from the natural world.

The 37-year-old from Lucan is one of a few artists in the world who specialise in this genre of creating colour by experimenting with chemicals, alcohol, cosmetics and other household products, through crystallisation methods under microscope.

His work will appear at Art Source in the RDS from November 11-13, which is expected to attract over 15,000 people, and will feature 160 of the best contemporary Irish and international artists and galleries.

“A fusion of art and science, my chemical work reveals works of art that manifests during the self-organisation of molecules during crystallisation,” said Karl.

“The photographs reveal an order in the crystals that can only be revealed through polarisation microscopy.

“One of the things that inspires me to create chemical art work is the occasional thrilling discovery of a pattern that I have never seen before. Looking through the binoculars of the microscope, you witness before your eyes, the sporadic unfolding crystalising formations, in an otherwise transparent soup of chemicals.

“Every crystallisation process is different and can never be repeated. It’s almost like a kaleidoscope . . . the colours and shapes are ever-changing.”

An exhibition by Damien Hirst, the English artist who has just burned hundreds of his artworks, will be the centrepiece at the RDS expo.

The fair will also play host to works by renowned sculptors such as Patrick O’Reilly, Salvador Dali, Giacinto Bosco, Ian Pollock, Eamonn Ceannt, Bob Quinn, Anthony Scott and Sandra Bell.

Visitors also have the chance to get their hands on 100 pieces of original artwork for €100 each on a first-come, first-served basis on the opening morning of the show on Friday, November 11.

“Art Source offers visitors the opportunity to purchase a one-off affordable original artwork to make their home unique and also the opportunity to meet the artists and hear about their work,” said organiser, Patrick O’Sullivan.

Admission is €10 adults. Children under-16 free, if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

For further information, see HERE.

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