Total of 83 fines for dumping

Total of 83 fines for dumping

By Echo Reporter

UP TO 83 litter fines were issued for cases of illegal dumping in the first three months of the year in South Dublin County.

In the period January to March, South Dublin County Council issued a total of 83 fines in relation to illegal dumping across the county.

South Dublin County Council resized

Reports of illegal dumping are investigated by the council’s litter warden service, with the dumped material searched for evidence.

Where evidence is found, appropriate enforcement action is taken in accordance with the Litter Pollution Act 1997.

Local authorities say it is proving difficult to obtain evidence to identify offenders as “personal information is generally removed or shredded.”

Where there is an ongoing problem of illegal dumping, local residents and the public at large are encouraged to support the council by making reports to the litter warden for investigation and provide “evidence where possible.”

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