Tree of Hope plantings bring hope to communities

Tree of Hope plantings bring hope to communities

By Echo Reporter

THE 157th Tree of Hope was planted on the grounds of Nutgrove Fire Station last Saturday, a special planting which hopes to send roots and branch out to include other fire and Garda stations across the city.

Established in Tallaght, the roots of the Tree of Hope project have been firmly embedded within the community – with many of the trees planted becoming focal points in estates.

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The first Tree of Hope, which was donated by The Echo, was planted three years ago this March in Dodder Park.

Due to the simplistic way in which the trees bring comfort, support and hope to communities, the programme has now spread beyond Tallaght, with its team of volunteers planting trees right across the city as a symbol of support to all those affected by suicide or living with a mental health issue.

The most recent planting was in the grounds of Nutgrove Fire Station, with the Tree of Hope team embarking on a planting programme which will see trees located at all fire stations.

Fire stations in Tallaght and Dolphin’s Barn have already been visited by the team.

Firefighter Derek Riordan, who is based at Nutgrove, told The Echo: “It was a fantastic morning and was a great opportunity to get people together, including councillors and Dublin Fire Brigade staff and management.

“It’s a great idea to plant a tree at fire stations.

“Due to the nature of our work and the fact that fire fighters are usually the first on the scene of a tragic accident, having a Tree of Hope at the station is very fitting.

“The Tree of Hope team does a fantastic job, all on a voluntary basis, and we’re delighted that they visited us here at Nutgrove.”

Tallaght resident Noeleen Fulham, one of the founders of Tree of Hope project, told The Echo: “Our plan is to plant a tree in all of the fire stations and we are working hard to make that happen.

“While the tree is planted on the grounds of the fire station, it is in a visible spot for members of the public to see too and is part of a trail of trees that will give people support.”

The Tree of Hope planted at Nutgrove Fire Station was donated by NINA for Life Suicide Awareness.
Visit the Tree of Hope Facebook page for more.

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