Two men charged with assaulting and injuring each other in a fight

Two men charged with assaulting and injuring each other in a fight

TWO men have been charged with assaulting and injuring each other in a fight on a west Dublin road that allegedly started when one threw his bicycle into a car windscreen.

Keith Ward broke the windscreen with his bike, then used an object to strike and wound passenger Patrick Sherlock, who in turn bit Mr Ward’s nose, gardai claimed.

Blanch Courthouse 4

Blanchardstown District Court

They were both remanded on continuing bail at Blanchardstown District Court on charges arising from the alleged melee.

Mr Sherlock, aged 38 with an address at Kilmahuddrick Walk and 33-year-old Mr Ward, from Moorefield Avenue, Clondalkin, are both charged with affray and assault causing harm to each other.

Mr Ward is also charged with causing criminal damage in the incident.

Mr Sherlock’s case was first to be called.

Outlining the allegations, Sergeant Walter Sweeney said the incident happened at 3.45pm on April 13 this year.

Patrick Sherlock was a passenger in a car being driven on Neilstown Road, Clondalkin and Mr Ward was walking on the side of the road, in the same direction, with a pedal cycle.

Mr Ward threw his bike at the car, smashing the windscreen. He alleged it had turned in his direction.

Mr Sherlock exited the vehicle and had a physical altercation with Mr Ward, Sgt Sweeney continued.

It was alleged Mr Ward struck Mr Sherlock in the head with an object, causing a deep cut to his forehead.

According to the prosecution, Mr Sherlock then bit Mr Ward on the nose.

Mr Ward suffered an injury to his nose and the side of his head.

He was brought to hospital, where the wound was closed with stitches and he was given a tetanus shot, the court heard.

Mr Sherlock’s case was adjourned in his absence to November 5. The judge told his solicitor Simon Fleming the accused must attend on that date.

Mr Ward was in court and his solicitor John Wood asked to be given a different remand date so the cases did not “synchronise”.

Mr Fleming agreed he thought it would be “wise” to separate the cases so they were not in court at the same time.

Mr Ward’s case was put back to November 12. The judge has yet to decide whether to accept jurisdiction to deal with the cases in the district court. The accused have not yet entered pleas to the charges.

Legal aid was granted after applications were made by the defence solicitors and the court heard both accused were unemployed.

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