Winner of our Christmas Tree Competition shares her Christmas thoughts with us

Winner of our Christmas Tree Competition shares her Christmas thoughts with us

Meet Zara Harms, our Christmas Tree Competition winner. Along with her boyfirend Mark and their three sons Jordan, Cameron and Kyle, they received a €100 voucher for The Square Towncentre.

Zara took a few minutes out of her Christmas preparations to tell us what Christmas means to her and her family.

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"The night before Christmas is great when the excitement starts with getting the kids bathed and trying to get them to bed early for Santy, it doesn’t always go to plan as there’s always one who can’t get asleep because he’s too excited.

Christmas is a special time for us because of the three boys, seeing their faces on Christmas morning is priceless, we love watching them open their presents, ripping the wrapping paper off and seeing their faces full of delight with all their presents.

The excitement in the house is great from the start of the month, decorating the house, the boys love helping out with all the decorating and watching the lights get turned on outside the house.

We put loads of lights up outside the house for the kids because we never got a chance to do it when we lived in an apartment so we make a big deal about doing it now for them.

The Christmas tree is my job though I love to decorate it myself when the boys have gone to bed, and the look of surprise on their faces when they wake up the next day to see it done.

Sometimes I feel like a Grinch not letting them do the tree but that’s my pride and joy I love to sit there decorating it my way in peace – haha.”