World Mental Health Day: HSE launches new support campaign   
The HSE has launched a new campaign on World Mental Health Day (Image: HSE)

World Mental Health Day: HSE launches new support campaign  

THE HSE is marking World Mental Health Day with the launch of a new campaign that highlights the common signs of mental health difficulties – and encourages people to seek support.

The campaign responds to HSE research which found that one in two adults in Ireland have experienced difficulties with their mental health.

For some, these difficulties include ongoing stress, low mood, anxiety or problems with sleep.

However, according to the HSE, research has shown that often when someone is not feeling themselves and this feeling persists, it can be hard to recognise or a person may accept it a part of their normal daily life.

The new national campaign is highlighting these common signs of mental health difficulties and encouraging people to explore the range of information and resources available online at Your Mental Health.

Mark Smyth, Senior Clinical Psychologist with the HSE, said:At times we can all feel anxious, stressed or struggle with sleep and many think the best thing to do is pretend it’s not there and try and power on through.

“However, when we feel like this on an ongoing basis, it is more likely to be our mind and body’s way of reminding us that we need to pay attention to and look after our mental health.

“The earlier we recognise how we’re feeling, the better equipped we can be to try and manage it before it feels overwhelming.”

He added: “Don’t underestimate the power of talking to someone you trust or seeking help – it works.

“Whether it’s mindfulness, taking part in a stress control programme, signing up for online cognitive behavioural therapy or trying online counselling, there are supports available that will suit you and how you’re feeling.

Alongside personal support, research has shown that people are interested in online, mobile apps and text supports, which are available on

The website has been developed recently to better meet the needs of people searching for self-help and other supports.

Some of the tools include –

Stress Control – a HSE sponsored online programme that can help you to recognise stress, how it is affecting you and help to overcome these feelings.

Minding your Wellbeing videos – which can help develop a positive outlook using mindfulness, gratitude, self-care and resilience

Online cognitive behavioural therapy – can help change specific negative thoughts and behaviours that are causing current and ongoing stress and anxiety

Speaking on the launch, Minister of State for Mental Health and Older People, Mary Butler TD said: “I am really pleased that the HSE is launching a campaign to help improve our mental wellbeing.

“It isn’t always easy but recognising persistent stress, sleep problems and anxiety in ourselves, a friend or a loved one will help us to take action.

“Knowing that resources are available will hopefully make people more comfortable to reach out for support.

For further information visit the HSE’s mental health website HERE.

Call the Your Mental Health information line on 1800 111 888.

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