Balgaddy residents face into another Christmas of misery

Balgaddy residents face into another Christmas of misery

By Brendan Grehan

Some residents in Balgaddy are facing into another Christmas of unacceptable living conditions. These include structural issues and overcrowded living conditions, and continuing anti-social behaviour which is making life miserable for many families living there.

Councillor Francis Timmons is planning to present a report on conditions in the local authority estates in Baldgaddy at the next meeting of the Clondalkin Area Committee meeting of South Dublin County Council.

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He said: “The damp, the structural issues and the overcrowded living conditions are making day-to-day life very difficult for a number of families living in the area.

“I have seen a stairs that is extremely dangerous, a lady with no water after 6 in evening, brothers and sisters sharing a bedroom, and people having to sleep on mattresses. The anti-social behaviour of some are making life a misery for many.”

Cllr Timmons says he intends to do up his own report on the area and present it at the next Clondalkin area meeting. He added: “These condition cannot be continued to be accepted.

The people of Balgaddy need, want and deserve better. SDCC must step up to the mark and if the resources are not available within SDCC then councillors must be told and they can campaign to TDs for the funds.

“I have today asked that the Balgaddy Housing issues must be kept as a headed item on the Clondalkin Area Committee agenda until all the issues are resolved to a satisfactory level.

I have also asked that SDCC supply the area committee with the SDCC response to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg’’.


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