Blockage and heavy rain blamed for huge raw sewage leak in Ballyboden

Blockage and heavy rain blamed for huge raw sewage leak in Ballyboden

A blockage in the sewer network and heavy rain has been blamed for an overflow of raw sewage that spilled out onto Ballyboden Way on Thursday evening.

In a video shared online the waste can been seen pouring out onto the path at a rapid pace.

Residents in the area say the problem is not confined to Ballyboden Way, with other areas including Scholarstown, affected by what they described as an ongoing problem.

However, when contacted by Irish Water today, a spokesperson said: “A blockage in the sewer network caused an overflow on Ballyboden Way.

“Crews were on site today (Friday) to remove the blockage in the sewer and carried out a clean-up of the area.

“The blockage in the sewer combined with the heavy rainfall resulted in the overflow.”

Speaking about blockages in general in the sewer networks, the Irish Water spokesperson said: “Blockages in sewer networks can occur when sanitary items such as cotton bud sticks and face/baby wipes are flushed down the toilet or when fats, oils and grease are poured down the sink and enter our wastewater treatment network, which is unable to deal with this type of waste.”

“We ask homeowners and businesses to think before they flush and think before they pour to ensure that these items do not end up in the wastewater network. More information can be found HERE.

In next week’s edition of the Echo we will have more on this story.

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