Christmas FM hits the airwaves for a worthy cause

Christmas FM hits the airwaves for a worthy cause

By Mary Dennehy

IT’S CHRISTMAS! Well, for us here at it is, after Christmas FM took to the airwaves at 1pm today – allowing us to sing our way to December 25.

The nationwide charity radio station raises funds for charities every year, and this Christmas has chosen to partner up with Sightsavers, an international charity working in the world’s poorest countries to eliminate avoidable blindness and promote equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

According to the team at Christmas FM: “Right now, 36 million people around the world are blind, but 75 per cent of this can be cured or prevented.

“Shocked by this? So are we. But you can help us do something about it.”

The station, which is run by volunteers, is the perfect soundtrack for the festive season, with Christmas FM playing well-known Christmas songs to some random tunes you’ll never have heard before.

The Christmas FM website also has an ‘All about Christmas” section, which includes tips on festive films, gingerbread decorations, the Toys of Christmas past and more.

Hitting the airwaves at 1pm today, Christmas FM is broadcasting in Dublin on frequency 105.2 FM so, get your jingle on and tune in – and don’t forget to donate!

For further information or to donate, visit

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