Community College classrooms in Kishoge

Community College classrooms in Kishoge

By Maurice Garvey

GRIFFEEN Community College (GCC) confirmed they have “secured classrooms in Kishoge CC for this academic year in the absence of our prefabs”.

It follows talks which took place between the Lucan school and the Dublin and Dun Laoghaire Education and Training Board (DDLETB) to work out proposals to provide temporary accommodation.

Kishoge Community College 1

Kishoge Community College

On the school website, Griffeen CC said reports of overcrowding or no access to accommodation for GCC in online media forums were “both misleading and untrue.”

The school said headlines “may have caused unnecessary anxiety for families with students attending GCC.”

“The rooms assigned ensure that each base class in GCC has a designated classroom where social distancing of 1m can be ensured,” said the statement.

“Therefore, reports of overcrowding or no access to accommodation for GCC are both misleading and untrue. GCC is working in line with the Department of Education roadmap, in the same manner as all schools throughout the country, to ensure the safe re-opening of our school.”

The school was first opened in 2017. A permanent building to house 1,000 students was promised by 2019.

However, this was delayed due to planning and zoning issues.

Contractors are due onsite to commence work by the end of August 2020 on GCC’s temporary accom-modation.

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