Constellation of Practice – Seminar held at Tallaght Community Arts centre

Constellation of Practice – Seminar held at Tallaght Community Arts centre

By Tara McCoy 

The Tallaght Community Arts Centre saw a great turnout at their Constellation of Practice seminar this month where artists and facilitators gathered to represent their theatre companies and discuss past, present and future works.

The event was opened by South Dublin County Mayor- Councillor Mark Ward and hosted by both Doors to Elsewhere theatre ensemble and the Tallaght Community Arts Centre, as part of their Cultural Competencies programme.


Mayor Mark Ward with participants 

Doors to Elsewhere is an inclusive theatre ensemble for adults living in South Dublin County.

Since its establishment in 2011 Doors to Elsewhere has been providing people with the opportunity to explore their interests in theatre, recognise their creative potential and enhance their skills in acting, singing and dancing through weekly workshops.

The ensemble is led by theatre artists Jenny Macdonald and Jennifer Webster and the ensemble works on original works devised by the participants who construct performances and contribute opinions in a group setting.

As one of the largest and most active community arts development organisations in Ireland, Tallaght Community Arts Centre’s main focus is encouraging participation and artistic growth in the area.

As part of their ongoing mission to provide opportunities for artists, Tallaght Community Arts Centre’s hope for the seminar was that people from all walks of life and all backgrounds would be able to come together to explore the potential of art as a creative outlet.

Groups and individuals working in the area of integrated theatre came together to share experiences in their field talking about challenges they may face and ways to work through these challenges, along with shared practices and inspirations for the future of their work.

Performers, artists and facilitators were present from theatre companies across Ireland such as Equinox in Kilkenny, Run of the Mill in Kildare, Smashing Barriers in Ballyfermot, Encore in Dundalk and a supportive video was also received from Blue Teapot Theatre Company in Galway.

Sarah Fitzgibbon, theatre director and educational drama practitioner was also present and carried out interviews at the event for her research on integrated theatre practice.

Fitzgibbons has been working in art for 28 years and is currently doing a masters in Socially Engaged Practice at The National College of Art and Design. 

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