Council has three responses in relation to removing graffiti

Council has three responses in relation to removing graffiti

By Claire Christensen

DURING South Dublin County Council’s monthly meeting on July 10, Councillor William Lavelle asked the council to outline graffiti removal services.

Cllr Lavelle asked for specifics on the level of service provided by the council, as well as if there are any future plans to introduce measure to expedite the graffiti removal process.

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The council replied that there are three responses to graffiti based on its location: if it is on a utility box, the owner (ESB, Eircom, Bord Gais, etc.) is contacted and responsible for removal.

If the graffiti is on private property, a notice is issued to the owner requesting removal and if the graffiti is on Council property the council will arrange for removal via their contractor.

As of right now, there is no procedure in place to assist private property owners with the costs of graffiti removal, but the Litter Management Plan 2015-2019 provided for the potential for assistance.

The council continues to asses the benefits and rewards available with the Social Credits Scheme as more groups engage with the scheme and request assistance with the removal of graffiti.

The council added that the possibility of placing art on utility boxes is being explored, but the council recognises the need for budgeting, planning permission, and external stakeholder collaboration; the project will be considered for 2018.