Kidney transplant success for local woman

Kidney transplant success for local woman

By Claire Christensen

A YOUNG woman from Drimnagh who has undergone a successful kidney transplant after two-and-a-half years on the waiting list with the Irish Kidney Association (IKA) wants to remind people that “organs are needed here, not in heaven”.

Janice Moran was diagnosed with kidney failure in January 2015 at age 26, and with no prior warning or genetic predisposition, the diagnosis came as a shock.

Janice Moran with parents 21072017
Janice Moran with her parents Derek and Janice (snr)

She said: “My life had been restricted in so many ways, but I got through it by keeping positive and not letting [kidney failure] take over.

“I tried to live as normally as I could by going to work and socialising with my family and friends.”

Janice’s cousins recently held a charity football match in support of IKA and St James Hospital’s Fownes ward for mental health, which has helped another cousin.

Janice said: “Being on the list two-and-a-half years, it was getting harder to know when I would get the phone call.

“Little did I know I would get it two days before the fantastic match my family organised.

“I was a match and the operation went successfully and, with a long road to recovery, the doctors say I am doing very well.”

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