Firefighters attend over 160 bonfires in lead up to Halloween

Firefighters attend over 160 bonfires in lead up to Halloween

By Maurice Garvey

FIREFIGHTERS have attended over 160 bonfires in the lead up to Halloween – almost three times as many as the same period last year.

Covid-19 has presented many challenges, including the long lead up to Halloween.

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Dublin City Council is asking for the public’s help in preventing illegal bonfires.

In the lead up to Halloween every year, the city council carries out dozens of stockpiling raids removing bonfire material from all over the city, in cooperation with gardai.

Last year, 400 tonnes of bonfire materials were removed ahead of Halloween.

Simon Brock, Waste Management Services, said the removal of bonfire materials reduces the risk of serious injury to youngsters and damage to the environment, parks, green spaces and property.

“In 2020 more than ever we need the public’s continued support to do this and we are calling on people to report stockpiling of bonfire material to us as soon as possible so we can remove it safely,” he said.

Dublin Fire Brigade have attended 163 bonfires in the last six weeks and seen an increase of 64 per cent in nuisance fires.

Chief Fire Officer, Dennis Keeley said: “Stockpiling of bonfire material is often stored in locations that present a fire risk, which can result in damage to buildings and property if these stockpiles are set alight early. DFB are urging people to report stockpiles to their local authority so they can be removed.”

Unsupervised bonfires can contain dangerous items such as tyres, household waste and gas cylinders. The destructive nature of bonfires often causes them to collapse and fireworks frequently used alongside bonfires can cause life-altering injuries.

People can report stockpiled bonfire materials to Dublin City Council’s Customer Services Centre at 222 2222 or after hours at 1800 293949 or online at

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