Gino Kenny slams medicinal cannabis Bill rejection by Health Committee

Gino Kenny slams medicinal cannabis Bill rejection by Health Committee

Local People Before Profit TD Gino Kenny has slammed the rejection of a Bill he put forward that would have seen the regulation of cannabis for medical use.

The Clondalkin campaigner presented the Bill to the Dail in December where it passed without opposition, but speaking on radio this morning, Fine Gael TD Kate O’Connell confirmed the Bill had been rejected by an Oireachtas Health Committee.

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Speaking on Newstalk, Deputy O’Connell said: “While the Committee said it appreciated the aim of the Bill - which claimed to be about alleviating suffering - aspects of the Bill caused them huge concern as to how it would be implemented in a careful way.”

She continued: “The Committee members found the Bill to be as much about decriminalising the use of cannabis as it is about promoting it for medicinal use.”

Speaking with today, Deputy Kenny said the fact the report was deliberately published today during the summer months was “shambolic”, while he also said the report “could have been published three months ago”.

He went on to say: “The Health Committee felt there was a fear that there would be a leakage of cannabis in society.

“There’s a chance of that with every drug. Look at opiates – opiates can kill you but cannabis can’t.”

“The report also said that there’s not enough research, which is rubbish. The research is out there.”

The Clondalkin TD said he and other campaigners would ‘keep going forward’ and pledged to bring the Bill back to the Dail at the earliest possible time.