It all adds up for former electrician

It all adds up for former electrician

By Maurice Garvey

A DECISION to change career paths has seen former electrician Karl Ferris from Lucan, secure one of the top marks in the country in the Diploma for Accounting Technicians programme this year.

Accounting Technicians Ireland’s qualification is recognised as a viable pathway to a professional career, for an industry that reported a 66 per cent increase in demand for accounting technicians last year.

Karl Ferris

Becoming disillusioned with his trade spurred Karl (43) to change career and study the ATI course at Swords Training Centre.

Karl has just started a new job as a trainee accountant in Booterstown, and hopes to sit his first exam with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in December.

“I am a qualified electrician and worked as an installation technician of broadband, phone and TV immediately before starting this course,” he said.

“I never worked in accountancy before although I did do a manual and computerised accounts with payroll course eight years ago. I decided on doing the ATI course as I had become disillusioned with the construction industry during the recession.”

He continued: “I never really enjoyed being an electrician and I thought building on my previous book-keeping course was the best way of changing career paths, and ultimately go on to do the ACCA qualifications.”

Another person to benefit from top Diploma marks is Tallaght resident Kiara Berry, who studied ATI at Griffith College.

Kiara said: “I had always worked in the service industry until I suddenly had to change career due to medical issues. I got a part-time accounts admin role and really liked it, which motivated me to do a course to enhance my prospects.”

Kiara is training to become a certified chartered accountant and will sit exams this September.

ATI graduates can obtain professional qualifications in as little as two years to work at all levels of finance, through the private and public sector, industry and commerce and in accountancy practices.

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