Meeting about ‘fair deal’ for Tallaght area

Meeting about ‘fair deal’ for Tallaght area

By Laura Lyne

A MEETING about the impact of planning decisions throughout Tallaght in recent decades will take place in the Priory on Tuesday, June 7 (Tonight).

Hosted by Aidan Thomas and Gerry Stockil, the meeting will include a reading of the paper “Tallaght never got a fair deal in planning” by Aidan Thomas and a presentation by Gerry Stockil.

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Aidan told The Echo: “The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the inequality and injustice imposed on Tallaght in planning decisions.

“We, the communities in Tallaght, were never listened to by successive governments or the local council.

“Tallaght is being targeted for more social housing on top of the thousands already built, whereas it would seem to be a “mortal sin” to build one social house in the affluent areas in South County Dublin.

“Tallaght village, one of the most historical in the country, has been the victim of institutional vandalism.

“Tallaght has been the victim of the most grave injustices in planning.”

Starting at 7.30pm on June 7, the meeting will be held in the Aula Magna Room of the Dominican Priory, with everyone welcome to attend.

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