One Yummy Mummy’s Halloween treats Part 1

One Yummy Mummy’s Halloween treats Part 1

With the Halloween mid-term approaching, it can be hard to keep your little vampires busy, and if your baking ability is more Scary Mary than Mary Berry, these witches hats are ideal.

Their perfect for kids of all ages, and there is even a surprise inside each one.

Halloween witches hats 2 cropped

All ingredients can be bought in your local budget supermarket, and they are so friendly on the purse strings too. 


Shopping list

1 pack of ice cream cones

1 pack of rich tea biscuits 

2 large bars of chocolate 

1 pack of jelly babies (or your favourite treats)



Get the kids to break up the chocolate, then melt it in a bowl over a pot of boiling water.

Chop up the treats and get the kids to pop them inside the ice cream cones.

Next, place each cone on top of a rich tea biscuit, gluing together with chocolate.

Halloween witches hats collage

Brush the whole lot with chocolate, while the kids try not to get any in their mouth!!!

Halloween witches hats 1

Finish with sprinkles, and quicker than you can say ‘Trick or Treat’, you have your very own Halloween witches hats.

Halloween witches hats 2

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