Powerful mural helps students make mark on school grounds
Conchubnair Mac Gloinn (Principal), Natasha, Alex , Meadhbh Ni Mhordha (Art Teacher )

Powerful mural helps students make mark on school grounds

In a series of weekly articles, we’ll get the full story on the 13 projects awarded funding through the €100k Tallaght Fund, and how each project aims to positively impact the community.

STUDENTS in Coláiste de hÍde are putting a creative stamp on their school through an innovative and sustainable project that hopes to share colour, connections and inspiration within the community.

The Irish speaking secondary school in Tymon North was one of 13 successful applicants to the inaugural Tallaght Fund, receiving €10,000 for a creative mural and street art project.

The first year of the project will see a team of Transition Year students take part in a series of targeted workshops with local street artists, during which they will learn and exchange skills.

The workshops will support students in idea generation, planning, materials, design and finally, the installation of a mural on the school grounds.

However, the creativity will not cease when the mural is complete, rather it’s only the beginning.

Speaking with The Echo, art teacher Meadhbh Ní Mhordha spoke of how next year, the skills learned through the workshops will be shared with other students.

An important and inspiring part of the project is the role that students play in passing on the skills learned to fellow school mates, creating a continuous creative chain that over the years will reach out into the community.

“We’re going to start in the school grounds and as we progress, branch out into the community,” Ms Ní Mhordha said.

“We’re hoping to grow a sustainable art team in the school that can collaborate with local groups, community centres, clubs.”

Rian and Sophie (6th Years) with Natasha and Alex (4th years)

While working with community groups on local art projects, students and teachers will also look at developing an entrepreneurial side to the project – with businesses invited to apply for or commission creative work or design.

For now, however, the focus is firmly on the creation of a colourful mural on the school grounds.

“The mural is a lovely way for students to be able to make a mark on their space… it’s quite powerful.

“It will allow students to take ownership of the school space and promote the positive values in the school.”

She added: “The discussion side of things has kicked off with students.

“We’re exploring the school’s identity and reflecting on ourselves as a community.

“What does it mean to be part of the Coláiste de HÍde community?”

The installation of the school mural will be supported by local artists.

However, going forward students will be the lead artists as the project, which is currently in its early stages, progresses.

There is also a group of teachers from across different subjects within the school who have expressed interest and will work alongside students.

Speaking of the impact colour can have in community, Ms Ní Mhordha described the art project as positive and inclusive, a project for everyone by everyone.

“We’re hoping the project will inspire students to inspire each other and to have a sense of possibility when we as a community come together,” she said.

“We hope students will see how art can bring people together, how it can define a community.

“We also hope they will understand their legacy in the school, see that they’re making a mark [for future generations].”

The Tallaght Fund was established in 2021 by the Síol Foundation, a social enterprise created by Tallaght entrepreneur Ed Dunne.

The annual €100k fund supports the development of innovative, inclusive and sustainable grassroot projects in the Tallaght area.

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