School building development plans are given the go-ahead

School building development plans are given the go-ahead

By Laura Lyne

HOLY Family Community School in Rathcoole has received permission for the development of a new school building, which is set to replace the current school building which has seen four extensions since it was established in 1981.

The development was granted permission on March 30 and will see the phased demolition of the current school buildings along with the development of a new part three, two and single-storey building with a floor space of approximately 10,429 sqm.

Holy Family community school 2 

Concerns surrounding the application were submitted by a number of local residents groups with individual signatures from residents, and the concerns related to traffic in the area.

The concerns submitted included the need for a traffic management plan for construction and school operation, the need for pick-up and set down areas for students and for the applicant to ensure that sufficient parking is located within the curtilage of the school.

The application was also met with support from the board of management and parent’s council of Holy Family Community School, which both stated that the school is in need of updated facilities due to the currently “cramped” school building.

In its letter of support, the board of management said: “Holy Family Community School’s current buildings are too small, over-crowded and in poor condition.

“They are incapable of meeting the future needs of the existing and increasing local student population.”

Conditions attached to the grant of permission include the establishment of a drop-off and pick up area for students, provision for a 150 space bicycle compound and no parking permitted by staff or students in the service yard located to the rear of the school.

A mobility management plan (MMP) must also be submitted within three months of the opening of the proposed school building.

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