SDCC Dev Plan: What will it take to leave cars behind and walk or cycle?

SDCC Dev Plan: What will it take to leave cars behind and walk or cycle?

By Mary Dennehy

South Dublin County Council has started the process of reviewing the County Development Plan, with those living across communities invited to have their say on how their county and neighbourhood develops into the future.

According to South Dublin County Council, the County Development Plan is one of the most important documents for a local authority, and impacts on how the county deals with climate change, how people move around, where people live and work, and the quality of their lives.

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Is the tram a cool option?

The first, eight-week public consultation stage of the new plan started on Friday, July 31, with citizens of the county invited to make submissions under one or all of eight strategic issues.

The eight key strategic issues include: built environment and place making; climate action and energy; population growth and housing; sustainable movement; community services; economic development and employment; natural heritage and biodiversity; and infrastructure and utilities.

This week, The Echo asked South Dublin County Council about the strategic issue of sustainable movement.

According to figures from the 2016 Census, 57.3 per cent of South Dublin County’s population are reliant on motorised vehicles to get around, while 3.8 per cent travel by bicycle, 15.37 per cent travel on foot, 2.6 per cent by train/Luas and 14 per cent by bus/coach.

As the council looks forward to sustainable movement into the future, it is asking through the Development Plan ‘What will it take to leave our cars behind in favour of using walking, cycling or public transport?’.

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Well-established ways of getting around the city

Citizens of South Dublin County are also being asked ‘What would make it easier to move around the county by foot, bike, bus, train or Luas?’

The council said that during the review of the Development Plan, the current movement patterns around the county will be examined.

“Locating public transport and land use (housing, employment, civic buildings) together so that council land is used in the long-term interest of society, the economy and the environment,” the council said.

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“This approach can support better quality of life in our county, more economic and efficient movement of people and goods, and reduce harmful impacts on nature while aiding climate action.”

The council added: “Following on from last week’s article, which concentrated on Population and Housing, the delivery of compact growth within the county will be dependent on strong movement options by way of walking, cycling, bus and rail to the delivery of sustainable communities within the county.”

The County Development Plan 2022–2028 is currently open to submissions from the public.

How to engage with the County Development Plan…

Do you have any ideas or suggestions on how movement around the county could be improved?

There’s nobody in a better position than the people moving around the county on a daily basis to inform the council of what it’s like on the ground in communities.

Share your thoughts and views by visiting the SDCC website HERE

A virtual consulation room is now also open to visitors, with people invited to visit the consultation room and help shape the future of their county.

Visit the consultation room at

Submissions can also be made through the post to County Hall in Tallaght.

For further details or to view a hard copy of the plan call the council on 4149000.

Anybody who would like to arrange a meeting with a member of the council can email

The public consultation stage will remain open until September 28.

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