Soup-run for homeless now delivers

Soup-run for homeless now delivers

A SOUP-run set up to cater for homeless people in Clondalkin, has become a mobile operation in order to reach those in need.

Dave Moore, an activist for Independents 4 Change, set up a table to provide hot meals and supplies to homeless people in Clondalkin Village on December 1.

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For one reason or another, not enough people avail of the service in the village, so Dave and volunteers manning the table, bring leftovers directly to places where people are sleeping rough.

“Some might be embarrassed to go to a table, so we will go to them,” said Dave, a Fonthill resident.

“Each night we put all leftover food from the table, which is open from 8pm to 9pm, and go mobile. A few people sleep rough in and around Lucan. A lady rang me to tell me where someone else was. Another place we go is the entrance to Phoenix Park near Chapelizod.

“A lot of Clondalkin homeless are sleeping there in the forest. But they come out to meet us near the entrance gate, and really appreciate it.”

He continued: “I work nights 12 midnight to 8am in town. Whatever is left over after the mobile run, we go into town, hand out sleeping bags and food. Some people just want to talk.

“More people are coming on board. All we want to do is try our best to keep people safe.”

Anyone who wants to report the whereabout of a homeless person to the mobile soup-run, can contact Dave Moore at 087 9780587.

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