Tapestries and banners show the way in the Easter Rising commemorations

Tapestries and banners show the way in the Easter Rising commemorations

By Hayden Moore

RESIDENTS are celebrating Easter Rising commem-orations with elegant artwork in communities across South Dublin County.

Members of the Bungalow Community Centre, in Ballyfermot, have crafted five tapestries showing some of the heroes from the 1916 Easter Rising. The tapestries took over four months to complete, with Palmerstown resident Joe Dixon in charge of the project.

The Bungalow 02

Joe, a former SIPTU member, completed the bulk of their main tapestry, including the completion of the stars and the plough.

Joe said: “It’s a serious piece of work. The tapestry features the leader of the Galway brigade during the Rising, Liam Mellows. Other members of the Bungalow Community Centre helping to complete the project.

“The five tapestries feature Thomas Kent of the Cork Brigade, Thomas Ashe of the Meath Brigade, the beginning of the Rising at the old Liberty Hall, seven women who were active throughout the Rising, as well as Liam Mellows.”

The tapestries will be on display at Liberty Hall from the end of February.

Also in Ballyfermot, members of the Ballyfermot Youth Service (BYS) took part in a year-long project which saw them piece together a number of banners for a ‘Remembering the Leaders’ programme.

Robetto Tulsa, Italian Artist, assisted the youths of BYS to create their own designs – banners showing images of those who were executed by British soldiers in 1916. Each of the 19 youths involved picked a leader that they could relate to as well as three words from the Proclamation of the Irish Republic to incorporate onto their banner.

All banners are currently splashing colour along Ballyfermot Road, and will remain there until after Easter Week.



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